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Italian company on the ophthalmic medical devices market since the ’90s


Our story

Continuous investments in the quality and development of new and

more biocompatible formulations




Our values

We nurture the inseparable bond between man and nature devoting our attention to biocompatibility and ecology, the basic values of Omisan.



Continuous search for quality and product safety is one of our core strengths.



Prodotti dalle caratteristiche uniche per la cura dell’occhio, con formulazioni delicate e biocompatibili.

Our Credo

We believe our first responsibility to our products’ users: millions of people that choose and recommend our products every year, renewing their confidence in us and in our work.

If not required by the current laws on Medical Devices, OMISAN farmaceutici does not agree and conduct animal testing on its products, being in principle absolutely contrary to unnecessary suffering and bloody practices.


Product Portfolio

OMISAN farmaceutici is specialized in the development, production and commercialization of Sterile Medical Devices. Our product portfolio comprises innovative products designed as the response for diverse consumers’ needs in the field of Eye care and Contact lenses Solutions: drops, sprays and eyewashes, disposable ophthalmic gauzes, contact lenses and solutions for their complete maintenance.


Omisan innovative concept in eye care: Micro-nebulizer corneal sprays (for open eyes)


All flower extracts based eye and contact lens care products


Hyaluronic acid and plant extracts based eye care products


Especially designed for women: delicate products for eye and contact lens care with hyaluronic acid

Lady Pink

Especially designed for women: delicate products for eye and contact lens care with hyaluronic acid


Daily eye hydration and hygiene with natural ingredients for adults and children


Dry eye, hyaluronic acid based, highly lubricating and moisturizing products


All Aloe vera based products, eye and nasal care


Hygienising rinse-free liquid hand cleaner. Cosmetic detergent with antibacterial component.

Quality management

Certified according to all the most recent European norms and Iso standards, our production is characterized by the continuous pursuit of the process quality and final product safety and biocompatibility. (CE Mark Certification, ISO13485, BRC).

Our story

OMISAN farmaceutici is an Italian company, founded during the ’90s. Specialized in the production of Ophthalmic Medical devices and Eye Care products, OMISAN provides innovative solutions for pharmacies, drugstores, opticians and optical stores in more than 40 countries worldwide.


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