Contact lenses

Oftyll lens

Monthly aspheric soft contact lenses, immersed in high quality Hyaluronic acid, extremely confortable for all types of eyes. Each lens is subjected to 5 controls during the production process. Any lens is The construction material (Etafilcon A) of ContacVis lenses is one of the most safe.


Myopia. Thanks to the Aspherical geometry design, the lens guarantees a optical aberration control, increasing visual acuity and contrast. The construction material (Etafilcon A) is one of the safest and most biocompatible. Eye comfort and safety are guaranteed by the design of the edge of the lens, the water content (58%) and the presence of the UV filter.

Sterile Medical device.
Power range: from -0.50D to -10.00 D
Box of 3 monthly lenses