Eye Spray

NebuVis® Tired eyes

Blueberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) Eye spray. Thanks to the innovative micro-nebulization concept, it is a hygienic, practical and effective product. Not only you do not waste any product as with the common eye drops, but also with just one nebulization, the solution is uniformly distributed onto the whole ocular surface and the periocular area, hydrating and quickly refreshing and relieving them.


Refreshes, hydrates and relieves tired, swollen or strained eyes. Indicated in case of tired eye from prolonged contact lenses wearing time; ocular discomfort due to closed, smoky or air conditioned environments; eyestrain caused by intensive reading, computer work or night driving.

Product compatible with homeopathic remedies.
The product should be used within 90 days after the first opening.
Formulation adjusted to be close to the physiologic pH of the eye (pH 7.2).
Does not contain Benzalkonium chloride, Chlorexidine, Thimerosal, Phenoxyethanol.
Compatible with all types of contact lenses.
Sterile Medical device.

EAN 8015658001806