Eye Drops


Sterile, preservative-free, moisturising, refreshing and soothing ophthalmic solution adjuvant in the treatment of eye irritation symptoms.

It helps restore the natural physiological balance, thus providing relief and a pleasant and fresh sensation. Gentle, biocompatible formulation with Helichrysum extract. It contains no preservatives, Chlorhexidine, Thimerosal, Benzalkonium Chloride.

Bottle with innovative patented technology with hermetically sealed valve which guarantees the sterility of the product without the need for preservatives or other additives. Helichrysum is a perennial plant typical of the Mediterranean area, rich in mucoadhesive polar glycoproteins that have the function of retaining water and of better withstanding drought. Its extract therefore has moisturising and refreshing properties, resulting in a soothing action.