Eye Gauze

Neutralid Net

Rehydrating, soothing and gently cleansing ophthalmic gauzes for daily eye hygiene whilst respecting its physiological parameters; for effectively removing eye secretions and residues from eyelids and eyelashes also caused by infectious or inflammatory phenomena, helping to prevent and reduce the risk of infections caused by microorganisms that proliferate there; to soothe the eye contour area in the presence of irritations.

Adjuvant in the treatment of allergic, inflammatory and infectious eye diseases. The gauzes are soaked in a biocompatible solution of purified water based on Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe vera and Chamomile. Gentle formulation, does not burn, but refreshes and gives relief, hydrating the periocular area. It does not contain parabens, Chlorhexidine, Thimerosal, Benzalkonium Chloride.

The gauzes are made of viscose-based non-woven fabric, manufactured with a production process using high-pressure water jets which intertwine the fibres. Its advantage over weaving is that it provides marked tear resistance and absorption characteristics. Compared with conventional materials, the risk of releasing filaments or residues into the eyes is considerably reduced.